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Side Effects of Opiate Addiction

Opiates belong to a standard group of medicinal alternatives that are derivatives of opium poppy. These drugs are generally used as standard analgesics in the pain killing process.

Apart from ache relief they also result in a general euphoric feeling along with a relative degree of sedation. These are common side effects from proper from utilization as prescribed. The following paragraphs seek to assist those that are suffering from mild opiate addiction as an informative read to catch this early before it progresses.

To avert any severe impacts of the drug, it is vital to first know their names so that you don’t abuse them ignorantly. This medication is also known by common names such as morphine, heroin, codeine and opium.

The best way to know whether an addiction has commenced is by assessing whether cravings have unexpectedly come up. Urges result when one doesn’t have any control over impulses to take the drug. Abusers also develop physical cravings when they take the drug without proper prescription from a qualified physician. If you think that an opiate addiction is plaguing you, then the best thing to do would be seeking to control this craving; stay calm if possible, as panicking would not help at all.

Side Effects of Opiate Addiction

For effective recovery, one first needs to commit their mind towards quitting this medication; this must be followed by sufficiently controlling behavioral trends, such as suppressing alcoholic cravings. It’s also important to maintain an active lifestyle through constant exercises and participating in sporting events.

These unique physical activities will assist you to diminish anxiety and it will of course help an individual become physically fit which can help. The next step would be consulting a physician who will be better positioned to assess your symptoms and give an informed diagnosis in the proper path to take to address this.

When properly administered, opiates are simple chemical compounds which are generally used in medicine to bring temporary relief to minor body aches. They function by binding up relative opiate receptors found within the CNS as well as gastrointestinal tract in a bid to cease the throbbing aches.

It represents a depressant in your body, thereby restraining the neural response, altering the heart beat and soothing feelings of pain along with incessant helplessness. Some of the common effects of taking opiates are drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth and also constipation. Other less common side effects may be experienced in the form of hallucinations, respiratory depression, flushing, muscular rigidity and also urinary retention.

The most imperative danger related to taking this drug is failure in respiratory systems which are usually caused by standard opiate overdose. When left unchecked, this would result in permanent cessation of breathing, coma and eventually death.

The amount of people who succumb to opiate addiction is constantly increasing over the years. This is despite the stringent campaigns carried out by the government and private institutions which aim to sensitize the masses on the dangers of using such drugs without a physician’s advice. Addiction to opiate pain killers usually commences with quite familiar chains of events such as the deterioration of mental clarity followed by clumsiness, a fall or an avoidable car accident.

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Opiate Addiction Warning Signs 800-303-2482

Opiate Addiction Warning Signs

When dramatic changes which are normally negative occur in someone that you love, drugs could probably be behind it. People who are addicted to opiates normally use every technique that they know to hide the symptoms so that their loved ones cannot learn of their addictions.

Opiate Addiction

It is true that addiction to opiates has become a very worrying problem in many countries & especially the US. Many children are getting into the habit of abusing opiates because they can easily find them in their parent’s cabinets. According to the NIDA (the National Institute on Drugs Abuse), the problem escalates because obtaining opiates is relatively easy because of many outside prescriptions and other sources on the internet. To understand better whether a loved one is addicted to opiates or not, it is important to observe the following changes in their overall behaviors.

Opiate Addiction Warning Signs

Physiological Symptoms from Opiate Abuse

The general physiological symptoms that you should be aware of are weight gain or weight loss, drunken behavior, facial puffiness, shakiness of hands, red eyes, dilated eyes, clammy & cold hands, extreme hyperactivity and excitability. Other people who are addicted to opiates also seem to be blank, distant and have an expressionless stare. Other physiological symptoms are slurred speech, poor coordination, extreme fatigue, using laxatives (due to constipation brought about by the abuse of opiates), scratching, itching, needle marks (or insistence on putting on long sleeves all the time), pinpoint pupils and heavy sweating.

Psychological Symptoms from Opiate Abuse

Many opiate addicts have psychological tell-tale signs that they normally are not aware of, but other people can notice. One of the major psychological symptoms is when the person has patterns of disturbed sleep which is caused by lack of the opiate in the system. An opiate addict will also have a general appearance of fatigue and malaise almost every time that they have not used the drug. Eating habits also change and the person may either start eating more food than before or eat less. In addition to this, an opiate addict is also distracted very easily and appears confused most of the time. Doctors also say that opiate addiction can lead to increased sexual behavior that is very risky to some patients. In addition to this, there is also the risk of getting STDs because many opiate users often share needles.

Personality Changes Involving Criminality Due to Opiate Abuse

Opiate abusers often have a major change in their personalities. Since opiates are relatively expensive, it may also lead to an increase in criminality. In addition to this, the addict may also steal prescriptions in order to get the opiate in various pharmacies without raising suspicion. Another symptom to be on the lookout for is when a loved one begins to experience financial problems that are unexplainable. They may also begin to find themselves in many legal problems which are mainly caused by the need to use the opiate drug. In case of students, when items disappear around the house and their grades start falling, you should be mindful.

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