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Opiate Addiction Warning Signs


Opiate Addiction Warning Signs

When dramatic changes which are normally negative occur in someone that you love, drugs could probably be behind it. People who are addicted to opiate normally use every technique that they know to hide the symptoms so that their loved ones cannot learn of their addictions.

Opiate Addiction

It is true that addiction to opiate has become a very worrying problem in many countries & especially the US. Many children are getting into the habit of abusing opiate because they can easily find them in their parent’s cabinets. According to the NIDA (the National Institute on Drugs Abuse), the problem escalates because obtaining opiate is relatively easy because of many outside prescription & other sources on the internet. To understand better whether a loved one is addicted to opiate or not, it is important to observe the following changes in their overall behaviors.

Physiological Symptoms

The general physiological symptoms that you should be aware of are weight gain or weight loss, drunken behavior, facial puffiness, shakiness of hands, red eyes, dilated eyes, clammy & cold hands, extreme hyperactivity & excitability. Other people who are addicted to opiate also seem to be blank, distant and have an expressionless stare. Other physiological symptoms are slurred speech, poor coordination, extreme fatigue, using laxatives (due to constipation brought about by the abuse of opiate), scratching, itching, needle marks (or insistence on putting on long sleeves all the time), pinpoint pupils (due to abuse of opiate) and heavy sweating.

Psychological Symptoms

Many opiate addicts have psychological tell tale signs that they normally are not aware of, but other people can notice. One of the major psychological symptoms is when the person has patterns of disturbed sleep which is caused by lack of the opiate in the system. An opiate addict will also have a general appearance of fatigue & malaise almost every time that they have not used the drug. Eating habits also change and the person may either start eating more food than before or eat less. In addition to this, an opiate addict is also distracted very easily and appears confused most of the time. Doctors also say that opiate addiction can lead to increased sexual behavior that is very risky to some patients. In addition to this, there is also the risk of contacting STDs because many opiate users often share needles.

Personality Changes Involving Criminality

Opiate AddictionOpiate abusers often have a major change in their personalities. Since opiate is relatively expensive, it may also lead to an increase in criminality of an opiate addict. In addition to this, the addict may also steal prescriptions in order to get the opiate in various pharmacies without raising suspicion. Another symptom to be on the look out for is when a loved one begins to experience financial problems that are unexplainable. They may also begin to find themselves in many legal problems which are mainly caused by the need to use the opiate drug. In case of students, when items disappear around the house & their grades start falling, you should be aware.